Welcome to Dar-Es-Salaam Baptist secondary school

Dar-Es-Salaam Baptist secondary school

Ev. Imani Oscar Katana, The Headmaster.

Headmaster's Message

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Dar es Salaam Baptist Secondary School. The school owned by Baptist Convention of Tanzania but receive students from all religions and denominations.

We are blessed to have a dedicated staff that is committed to providing excellence in education through open dialogue and teamwork. Our goal is to build upon the character and family values that have already been established within each child at home so that all of our students may ultimately make proper and just lifetime decisions and enrich the lives of others in their communities.

We are committed to facilitate students to become the competent individuals after school life, caring spiritual life, social and professionals is our main obligations. Guidance and counseling are held every now and then to rectify students’ behaviors and direct them to proper and required characteristics of civilized individuals.

“The school is morally oriented and become the best place for young Christian and Muslim students. Dar es Salaam Baptist Secondary School is among the best day and boarding school located in the city center of Dar-Es-Salaam. The school is academically excellent with modern science laboratory, Computer laboratory and equipped library. I recommend the school to other parents.”
Mr John Bulugu from Dsm, Tanzania.

Experienced & Caring teachers

The school has very well trained and experienced staff to deliver the right knowledge and skills to the students. The total number of all staff members that we have is 43.

Experienced teachers are more effective in raising student achievement than their less experienced counterparts. This happens not just because experienced teachers are more likely to work in schools and classrooms with more advantaged students.

It is true that, experienced teachers are more effective than teachers with fewer years of classroom experience.

Academic Excellence

The school has lived to its motto education for liberation because ever since it started it has ensured that all students pass at both levels. The school is very proud of its visible academic achievements especially in the past National examinations.

The results achieved are encouraging due to the fact that the school does not specialize in enrolling highest performers only. This is to say that the entry status of our student may be very low and yet the outcome is impressive. This is attributed to the great devotion of the teachers, the facilities offered by the owners, the excellent teaching environment to mention but a few.

Science & Computer laboratory

The school science laboratories have the best facilities available to its students, which makes it different from the other schools in the United Republic of Tanzania.

The school has the modern computer laboratory equipped with modern LCD computers which helps students to increase their ICT skills,

Equipped library

The school library contains one of the best and up-to-date book collections in different fields. The library is well equipped with a collection of books, textbooks, educational software, digital materials like DVDs and CDs and newspapers in all relevant fields of study. The total stock of the library system is over 50,000 volumes catering for all the subjects conducted at the school.


Home Of Gifted & Talented Students

Science Laboratory

Academic Excellence